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Measuring a site for planting on Buchanan Lake near Ottertail

Otter Tail County's 1,048 lakes are a major draw to tourists and county residents alike, as places to find great fishing, swimming, boating, or relaxing. We currently have some of the cleanest waters in the state, but these waters are at risk of reduced water quality due to fertilizers, road salt, soil, and other pollutants from roofs and roads, which all decrease the number of fish, opportunities for swimming and recreating, and tourism dollars coming into our county. Luckily, we as lake and stream shore owners can do our part by installing native plantings and rain gardens, which act as a buffer to reduce soil and pollutants entering the lake, as well as provide habitat for butterflies, birds, and bees.

A design plan for a planting on Dead Lake

The EOT SWCD provides technical assistance to landowners who are concerned about erosion along their shoreline or the quality of water leaving their property. This typically includes a site visit to assess any concerns as well as the development of a management plan or planting design to keep soil in place and filter pollutants out of surface water running into the lake.

If you interested in scheduling a site visit or have questions about your lake property, contact us today!

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